YouBux Gift Card Kiosks

What is YouBux?

With our YouBux retail store model we have combined the convenience and savings of e-commerce with the shopping experience and customer service of a traditional brick and mortar store.  A few of the many products we offer range from information, motivational and self-help e-books and apps to board games, tablets, reading glasses, puzzles, brain teasers, crossword puzzle books, e-cigarettes and much much more.  We are continually adding new products to our website to enchance the customer’s experience.  All of our digital products may be purchased with YouBux gift cards online via our in-store computers or away from the store on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or PC.  We take pride in offering our customers quality, high value products at prices comparable to, or far better than that of other retailers.  Your purchase and registration of YouBux gift cards will unlock dollar for dollar value to be used toward the purchase of any product we offer on our website.

What is a YouBux Kiosk?

What is a YouBux Kiosk?
The YouBux Gift Card Kiosk is a convenient, quick, easy, and automated way to purchase gift cards for use on thousands of high value digital products found on the worldwide ecommerce website, The kiosk promotes the products and gift card sales by using a standard promotional sweepstakes marketing program.

How does the sweepstakes work?
Our sweepstakes work just the same as those offered by the largest companies in the world.  We’ve been doing this for a long time and follow all the requirements set forth to be a legitimate sweepstakes promotion.  Customers purchase gift cards at our kiosks and use them online just like buying a gift card to any online retailer at your local super market or Walgreens, and then going home to use them, give them away as gifts, or selling them to someone else.

How does a customer enter the sweepstakes?
We have multiple ways a customer can receive free entries into our promotional sweepstakes.  The first is, free entries are given for purchase of our gift cards.  The entries are awarded at 100 entries per $1.00 of Gift Card value purchased. The second way to participate is to request a free entry.  Just ask any attendant at the location of the kiosk for your free daily entry.  They will give you a code or simply add your free entries straight to your account instantly.  A customer may enter the sweepstakes for free with no purchase required once every day.  The last is to write in by self addressed stamped envelope to the address as noted in the rules on the kiosk to get 4 entried (400 credits).  Regardless of whether the entries were received from purchasing gift cards or received for free by daily request, they have the exact same odds of winning the exact same prizes.  Yes, you can even win the grand prize with a free entry!

How does a customer use their gift cards?
The customer may use their gift cards by visiting and creating their free account.  Then they can shop and use the gift card codes just like cash in the shopping card when checking out.

How are sweepstakes prizes redeemed?
Any prizes won can be redeemed instantly at the location where the YouBux Gift Card kiosk is placed.

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